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The Open-Source Typeform Alternative Built With React

The Open-Source Typeform Alternative Built With React



The Open Source Experience Management solution for fast growing companies

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:octocat: Are you looking for snoopForms – the Open Source Typeform Alternative? We’re building the next stage of the snoopForms evolution here with Formbricks – focused on experience management for fast growing companies. If you still are looking for the code of snoopForms you can find it in the snoopforms branch.

⚠️ Repository still in progress #buildinpublic

About Formbricks

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Formbricks productizes best practices for qualitative in-app user discovery. Feedback Management, Onboarding-Segmentation, Product-Market-Fit surveys and much more…

Mission: Base your decisions on qualitative data.

Formbricks helps you apply best practices from data-driven work and experience management to make better business decisions. Use Formbricks to collect and manage feedback from your users; run a product market fit survey to know which audience to focus on and whether your value proposition is being recognized. Formrbicks guides you through the process and assists with data analysis and deriving decisions.

Our Toolbox

Use Formbricks in your product on different touchpoints.

Feedback Survey

Embed our feedback survey widget to give your users a channel to get in touch easily. Encourage them to report bugs and feature ideas while they are using their product and start a conversation from there.


Product Market Fit survey (coming soon)

Formbrick’s Product-Market-Fit survey based on the Superhuman-approach helps fast growing early-stage companies measuring their path towards an established company.

Pre-Segmentation: Integrations for Segment, PostHog, Amplitude allow creating cohorts on usage data.

Forms: Open source UI components to ask the right questions natively embedded for best possible conversion.

Engine: Formbricks issues the survey, nudges and follows up on Data Analysis: Formbricks offers specific dashboards for each best practice to enhance understanding of the data to build conviction for product decisions.

Actions: Formbricks facilitates acting on the insights e.g. by in-app interview prompts, templates to follow up on negative feedback, etc.

Built With

Cloud vs. self-hosted

Formbricks is available Open-Source under a permissive MIT license. You can host Formbricks on your own servers without a subscription. Check out our docs to see how to self-host Formbricks.
We will soon offer a cloud version of Formbricks which saves you the hassle of maintaining your own servers. We will update this Readme once the cloud version is available.

(In the future we may develop additional features that aren’t in the free Open-Source version)

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