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The real time kanban boards for groups

The real time kanban boards for groups

4ga Boards

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Kanban boards inspired by discontinued Gitkraken Glo Boards.

Demo – WIP


  • Create projects, boards, lists, cards, labels and tasks
  • Add card members, track time, set a due date, add attachments, write comments
  • Markdown support in a card description and comment
  • Filter by members and labels
  • Customize project background
  • Real-time updates
  • User notifications
  • Internationalization


There are 2 types of installation:

  1. Dockerized
  2. Without Docker

1. Docker Compose

  • Make sure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed and operational.
  • Create docker-compose.yml based on the example. This is the ONLY file you will need. You can create this file on your own machine by copy and pasting the content.
  • Edit BASE_URL to match your domain name or IP address.
  • Edit SECRET_KEY with random value. You can generate it by openssl rand -hex 64.

Download the docker-compose.yml:

curl -L -o docker-compose.yml

Pull images and start services:

docker-compose up -d

Demo user: demo@demo.demo demo

2. Without Docker

Installing without Docker is a bit more complicated, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clone this repository into a directory of your choice. (e.g. /var/www/4gaBoards)

mkdir -p /var/www/4gaBoards
cd /var/www/4gaBoards
git clone .
  1. Install dependencies and build client.

npm i
cd client
npm run build

Note: You can use yarn or pnpm instead of npm.

  1. Copy the build directory to the server/public directory.

cp -r build ../server/public
cp build/index.html ../server/views/index.ejs
  1. Configure environment variables.

cd ../server
cp .env.sample .env

# Edit .env file (You could use nano, vim, etc.)
nano .env

Note: Before continuing, make sure you have your selected database created and running.

  1. Copy start script from the root directory to the server directory.
cp ../
  1. Start the server.

Note: You can use pm2 or systemd to run the server in the background.

Additional information (Nginx Configuration, Logging, Rotating Logs, Fail2ban)

Additional information available here.

Import from Trello

It’s already available in 4ga Boards. Just add a project, then click Import while creating a new board.


Clone the repository and install dependencies:

git clone

cd 4gaBoards
npm i

cd client
npm run build
cp -r build ../server/public
cp build/index.html ../server/views/index.ejs
cd ../server
cp .env.sample .env
cd ..

Either use a local database or start the provided development database:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up

Edit DATABASE_URL in server/.env if needed, then initialize the database:

npm run server:db:init

Start the development server:

npm start

Demo user: demo@demo.demo demo

Tech stack

  • React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-ORM, Semantic UI React, react-beautiful-dnd
  • Sails.js, Knex.js
  • PostgreSQL


4ga Boards are MIT licensed.

Project was separated from Planka by meltyshev to preserve the MIT license, change project vision, and add some new features.

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