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Automattic Themes

The development repository for themes maintained by the Automattic Theme Team.

What’s Here

We’re committed to imagining and creating the future of themes. Our latest themes are block themes — they depend on the latest features available in the Gutenberg plugin. Read about our latest themes built to support full-site editing here.

A gallery of block themes with a variety of styles



Before submitting your issue, please search for an existing or related ticket here.

Here are some tips to consider for writing a useful report:

  • Share steps for replicating the issue.
  • Add screenshots and videos where helpful.
  • Share your environment details, including what version of WordPress and Gutenberg you’re using


Patches and ideas in the form of code are always welcome! A great way to get started is to work on a CSS fix or a Good First Issue. Please read our full guide to contributing for more information.

Testing pull requests

Using GitHub

  1. Clone repository locally git clone
  2. Identify the branch of the pull request, e.g. update/#1889
  3. Check out featured branch of pull request, e.g. git checkout update/#1889
  4. Symlink or copy affected theme OR zip affected theme and import into WordPress site

Manually download

  1. Identify and visit the branch of the pull request.
  2. Change the /tree/ part of the branch’s URL to archive, and add a .zip to the end to download a zip of the branch. e.g. would become
  3. Unzip the zipped featured branch
  4. Zip affected theme and import into WordPress site

Note: In case the affected theme already exists on the WordPress site, it needs to be deleted before the theme zip file gets uploaded.

Packaging for Themes Showcase

The code in this repository mirrors the code needed for the theme to function correctly on To prepare a that passes the theme review automated test, do the following:

  • From the top-level directory, run ./ [theme-slug]
  • View the generated zip in the respective theme’s sub-directory

Note that this script rebuilds the theme to strip it of .com-specific functionality, and discards any changes via git after doing so. Make sure you have committed any working changes before running this script.

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