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To-Do Tracker

Todo Tracker application allows user to add todo, assign categories to them and set reminders.

The Objective of this TodoTracker application is to cover the following :
  • Allows user to add todo
  • Edit, catagorize, organize, and mark as complete
  • Get reminded about self-imposed deadlines.
  • Offers user fiendly interface
  • List the archived tasks as and when required.

Framework used:

angular Angular For Frontend

spring SpringBoot For Backend

Databse used:

mongodb MongoDB

mysql MySQL

File structure:

    ├── FrontEnd                                          // This is the frontend Angular appliaction
    ├── To_Do_Tracker                                     // This is the backend spring boot application  
    ├── LICENSE
    └── README 			                   

Architecture Diagram

Todo Architecture Diagram

Flow Diagram


To run the backend Application

  • Clone the repository
cd To_Do_Tracker
  • Do mvn clean install inside the backend folder Springboot application to generate target folder or .jar file.

  • You can Run the backend using Docker in Ubuntu or using service in intelij or run using STS 4.

  • To run using docker follow this command (more information inside backend README)
sudo docker-compose up --build

To run the forntend Application

cd FrontEnd
  • To run the fornt end application you need nodejs install in your system and intall Angular CLI.

  • Do npm install inside the frontend application to install application dependencies.

  • Then run ng serve --open to run the angular server https://localhost:4200

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