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Top 5+ useful ReactJS Plugins & Tools for 2023

Top 5+ useful ReactJS Plugins & Tools for 2023

As you already know, React.JS is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook and is often used for building single-page applications and mobile applications.

One of the benefits of using React.JS is that it allows developers to create reusable components, which can significantly speed up the development process. But what happens when you need to create some rocket-science projects? You need to use some plugins to save you time and stress.

So, in this article, we will take a look at a list of useful 5+ ReactJS plugins for 2023. We are going to use Horizon UI‘s design system to expose those plugins better, which is a template known for its clean and modern design, as well as its flexibility and powerful features.

Let’s begin:

1. Apex Charts

This is one of the best options for JS/TS charts, having it’s their own React version. It provides a variety of options and customizations for the charts, including bar, pie and radar types.

Design wise, the library is based on smoothness and adaptability, all of the components being beautifully animated and responsive. All this and the fact their easy-to-use alongside their easy to understand documentation makes Apex a strong library for all ReactJS developers looking to build a dashboard.

Here is an example of a Bar Chart Card using Apex Charts:

2. Tanstack Data Table

This is the go-to table library for React. Installed via npm/yarn, you only need to import their functions and methods, simply use an example from their documentation, add your styles to it, modify the data and you’re ready to rock!

You also have many functionalities available like filtering, ordering, pagination and more. The way the tables are thought (organized by columns, on each column the cells generating a specific component) makes the developing process seamless. All these, combined with the fact that plugin is made to be Typescript compatible makes it the most powerful table library for ReactJS.

Here is an example of a Table Card using Tanstack Data Table:

3. React Calendar

This is a plugin that offers a very customizable calendar for ReactJS. Many UIs require a calendar, and the flexibility of this React Calendar makes it the best choice for a small calendar, regardless of what design you are using. It comes with different options like pagination and date range.

Here is an example of a Calendar Card using React Calendar:

4. React Dropzone

React Dropzone is a library which lets you use a dropzone box where you can upload files. Simple in essence, but if used with some css and linked to a database, it makes an incredible asset for any complex form that requires files.

Here is an example of a Dropzone Card using React Dropzone:

5. React Kanban

Who doesn’t use a task list nowadays? This library gives you one of the best options for creating a kanban: Custom CSS options for the board, cards and inputs, it is everything one needs for creating a web based project managing/ list making application.

Here is an example of a Kanban Card using React Kanban:

Overall, React.js is a powerful tool for building user interfaces, and these plugins can help you take your React.js development and production to the next level.

Looking for more examples like the ones above? Try Horizon UI for free and start improving your development process now.

See live all cards & plugins used with Horizon UI 👉 here.

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