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travelsi (react-redux exercise)

🏝 travelsi LIVE

I wanted to practice and cover quickly the basics of the Redux Toolkit with React. Therefore designing a new app and developing it (basically just the demo concept of the web app) within just a few hours was my other challenge.

There’s nothing complex in this little tiny application – actually no features. At least for now. I may come back to this project later, as soon as find some time off.

The goals of this little project:

  • understanding how the Redux works in general;
  • understanding how to keep app-wide state maintainable and clean using createSlice (slicing states which are not directly related);
  • configureStore and merge all possible reducers as one reducer;
  • dispatching created actions with useDispatch hook;
  • accessing state values in components with useSelector hook;

What I managed to accomplish, is:

  • very simple state true or false for checking if a user isAuthenticated;
  • If isAuthenticated, a user can access Account component and its children. For now, isAuthenticated means to submit any random values when Sign In.


  • light, modern, responsive

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