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Turn WordPress Into A “Digg-Like” Website


Unfortunately this plugin is no longer available – sorry!

Social Bookmarking sites and social voting has become extremely popular these days and each day there are more and more social bookmarking sites appearing for all the various niches. If you are looking to join the club and create your own social bookmarking, “Digg-Like” website, why not use WordPress? And with the new Community Links Plugin you can do so easily.

This is the best premium plugin on the market that will let you add Digg-like features to your WordPress site or blog.  Simply activate it and in under 5 minutes you could have your social bookmarking site up and running.

While most of the currently available voting extensions for WordPress are simply extensions of a theme, this is a pretty clumsy way to implement a social voting feature. On the other hand, Community Links is a plugin, which means it will work independently from any theme and you can add it to any WordPress powered site. No more starting from scratch. You can implement it to all your websites/blogs quickly and on the fly.

This plugin comes with many template files so you can easily modify the way the plugin pages look and there are dozens of helper functions, action and filter hooks so advanced developers can extend and customize virtually every element and detail.

Another great thing about this social voting plugin, is that it takes advantage of WordPress 3.0 features to provide a more consistent and user-friendly interface. Adding new categories, tags and items to the navigation menu is easy and painless.

Facebook Integration: Community Links lets your visitors log in using their Facebook account, which eliminates the registration barrier and encourages visitors to contribute even more. Users can submit content to your site and it will be displayed on their Facebook news feed (if permissions are granted), which will also help increase your exposure.

Some other great features is that it integrates with Akismet and ReCAPTCHA it comes with a customizable user area and there is  a support team behind this plugin to help you out with any problems you may encounter.

What You Can Do

  • Activate and integrate social voting features into your existing WordPress installation within minutes.
  • Increase community interactions by allowing your visitors to contribute links, votes, and comments.
  • Moderate user submissions easily, all within your Admin panel
  • Customize everything on the front-end. WP Community Links provide you with a set of templates which you can easily modify to seamlessly blend into your existing theme.
  • Connect with Facebook. Users can log in and interact using their Facebook account.

WordPress Digg Like Site

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