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The following vagrant project will build a nice sandbox/training environment for the nodejs and angularjs tutorial (

The main features are that it:

  • Builds an Ubuntu x86_64 (12.04) virtualbox environment (vagrant-nodejs-angularjs) with nodejs and npm pre-installed
  • vagrant-nodejs-angularjs command line includes tree, vim, git, unzip packages plus some “useful aliases”
  • All files can be accessed from the host side, enabling usage of more “user friendly” editors like sublime text
  • I can also use my regular web-browser via port-forwarding ( http://localhost:4567/ ).
  • finally as part of the install process it will clone git clone and branch to step-0 (git checkout -f step-0 )

All you need to do (assuming you have vagrant and virtualbox already installed) is

git clone
cd vagrant-nodejs-angularjs
vagrant up

It takes about 2 mins to build the new nodejs virtualbox server

For more details see:

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