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VS Code Extension to create lazy imports in React

VS Code Extension to create lazy imports in React

React Lazify


Will change any selected default import into a React Lazy import. Is this really hard to do? No.. However, I was tired of writing out lazy imports.

To use the extension:

  • Select the component you wish to change to a lazy import
    • Supports selections with multiple cursors and highlighting
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+opt+cmd+L to make it lazy
    • If you hate the keybinding. Feel free to change it to whatever you want.
  • You can also use the command palette (shift+cmd+P) and select Lazify


Extension Settings

  • Default keyboard shortcut — ctrl+opt+cmd+L

Optional Settings

// settings.json

 // If true, all imports will use React.lazy() instead of lazy()
"lazify.imports.useDefaultReactImport": boolean; // default = false


  • Lightweight and dependency free.
  • Tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS
  • Only works in .jsx and .tsx files. (But I couldn’t imagine why you would need it in any other type of file.)

Known Issues

No known issues at this time, though I’m sure there will be plenty to come. If you want to help, PLEASE report any issues or feature requests on Github

Release Notes

Check out the Change Log




Justin Wallace

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