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Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Apps, Games, and Subscriptions

Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Apps, Games, and Subscriptions

Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

Create Your Own Apps

With your programming skills, you can create your own apps easily.

Just create a prototype version and let people test to see if they want it.

If people want it, then double down and finish the apps.

Now you got something that you can sell.

API Programming

If you know back end technologies like AWS or Azure well, then you’re a great asset to lots of people.

Back end is complex, so any expertise is welcome by companies.

This is something that will get anyone money if they know it well.

However, there’re many parts to these cloud services, so mastering them all is going to be a long journey.

Get Social

It’s time to get social if you want more opportunities.

As a developer, you can help lots of developers with your experience.

Many people get stuck on problems that you can answer.

They may ask on social media or on forums like Stack Overflow.

If you appear enough times, they’ll know you exist.

Paid Guest Posts

There’re some websites that’ll pay people to guest post on there.

As developers, you can contribute technical articles to these sites.

They include:

  • ($350–600)
  • Honey Badger ($500+)
  • Twilio ($500)
  • Digital Ocean ($300/$400)
  • Log Rocket (up to $350)
  • Real Python (up to $300)
  • Linode ($100/$300+)
  • Hasura ($100-$300)
  • Code Tuts+ ($100–250)
  • Smashing Magazine (up to $200)
  • GitLab (up to $200)
  • Scotch ($150)
  • Soshace ($100)
  • SitePoint (~$100)

Some of these are harder to get accepted than others.

But you can try them all and see how far you get.

The quantity of work must be good.

And you should submit original articles to these sites.

Write Games

You can write games to make money as a developer.

Games are harder to write than apps, so they’ll take more time.

Like writing apps, you should test the waters with your game by building a prototype before building a full version.

If people like it, then build a full version.

You can provide premium features like purchases and currencies.

Also, you can launch a paid version or sell merchandise in your game.


Selling subscription services is another way to make money.

You can have a paid section in your blog or course.

Or you can add paid sections to your app or game.


You can create apps, sell subscriptions, or sell games to make money as a developer.

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