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Bootstrap ( in WordPress theme form.


To get started, open Terminal or a command prompt and run:

cd path/to/wp-content/themes
git clone
npm install
grunt dev


We’ve built the WP Bootstrap theme so that it could be used as-is as a very basic theme or as a starting point for theme developers. It uses v3.3.1 of Bootstrap.

WP-Bootstrap uses grunt as a task manager to help aid development. Check out the gruntfile.js file for more detail on the default tasks. WP-Bootstrap comes with the livereload, less, grunticon and more tasks out of the box.

Watch or star this project to keep up with its progress.


WP-Bootstrap is translated in 7 languages – Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and German.

Page Templates

We’ve packaged four different page templates into this theme.

- Homepage template (seen on the homepage of this site -
- Standard page with right sidebar (this page)
- Page with left sidebar
- Full width page

Theme Options Panel

We’ve removed the custom theme options panel in version 3.0. Currently working on moving all of the options that used to appear there over to the theme customizer.


We’ve built in some shortcodes so you can easily add UI elements found in Bootstrap.


There are two different sidebars. One for the homepage and one for the other pages. Add widgets to them.


This project would not exist in its current state today were it not for lots of generous folks who have contributed to it. Thank you!

If you’d like to commit to this project please submit a pull request and I will do my best to merge appropriately.

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