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WordPress Starter Theme

Version: 4.2.2


Matt Banks ( @mattbanks / / )


WordPress Starter Theme for use as a starting template for building custom themes. Uses SCSS and AutoPrefixr, HTML5 Boilerplate with Modernizr and Normalize.css, and Grunt for all processing tasks. Syncs changes across local development devices with BrowserSync. Tested up to WordPress 4.0 RC1.


The theme is setup to use Grunt to compile SCSS (with source maps), run it through AutoPrefixr, lint, concatenate and minify JavaScript (with source maps), optimize images, and syncs changes across local development devices with BrowserSync, with flexibility to add any additional tasks via the Gruntfile. Alternatively, you can use CodeKit or whatever else you prefer to compile the SCSS and manage the JavaScript.

Rename folder to your theme name, change the style.scss intro block to your theme information. Open the theme directory in terminal and run npm install to pull in all Grunt dependencies. Run grunt to execute tasks. Code as you will.

If you are using MAMP or Vagrant, change the proxy option in the grunt browserSync task to match your vhost URL.

  • Compile assets/styles/style.scss to style.css
  • Compile assets/styles/editor-style.scss to editor-style.css
  • Concatenate and minify plugins in assets/js/vendor and assets/js/source/plugins.js to assets/js/plugins.min.js
  • Minify and lint assets/js/source/main.js to assets/js/main.min.js
  • ??
  • Profit
  • Create sprites by adding PNGs to assets/images/sprites and use by referencing created classes in assets/styles/partials/_spritesheet.scss

To concatenate and minify your jQuery plugins, add them to the assets/js/vendor directory and add the js filename and path to the Gruntfile uglify task. Previous versions of the starter theme automatically pulled all plugins in the vendor directory, but this has changed to allow more granular control and for managing plugins and assets with bower.


Supports bower to install and manage JavaScript dependencies in the assets/js/vendor folder.


The theme includes deployments via grunt-rsync. The Gruntfile includes setups for staging and production – edit your paths and host, then run grunt deploy:staging or grunt deploy:production to deploy your files via rsync.


  1. Normalized stylesheet for cross-browser compatibility using Normalize.css version 3 (IE8+)
  2. Easy to customize
  3. Flexible grid based on work from Chris Coyier
  4. Media Queries can be nested in each selector using SASS
  5. SCSS with plenty of mixins ready to go
  6. Grunt for processing all SASS, JavaScript and images, and cross-device refreshing with BrowserSync
  7. Much much more

Suggested Plugins



Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute! Check out the Contributing Guidelines.



Without these projects, this WordPress Starter Theme wouldn’t be where it is today.

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