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Deoployed Amazon-Clone

visit: []



Backend & Database

Backend : For Backend used Node.js And Express Server .

Database : For Database used Postgress SQL .

Authentication : For Authentication used JWT.

Front-End : React.js .

Guest User : username :,password : xyz

My words about this projects

Backend : First of all i bulid this backend with Nodejs and Express .And My Backend or Sever file is in this Repo and File name is “Server” . And Deloyed the backend in Heroku Sever

Get all products send GET request to []

Get Particular Products send GET request to []

Frontend : I build the frontend in React and Redux . I depolyed the front-end in Netlify . From The backend of Amazon-clone, which is deployed in Heroku , is fetching the all data .

Database : And My Postgress Server is Also in Heroku .

Authentication : Jwt auth is for authentication . I think JWT is better option beacuse it’s Have Digital Signature which is secure .


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