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Udacity Capstone Project – Building an Invoicing App

This is an Udacity final (Capstone) Project.
In this application we will be creating an Invoicing App that will basically create an invoice for a user and send email notification after creation.

Circleci Status Update


Application Scope

The main scope of the application is to apply my DevOps CICD skills to a backend application which involve performing the following in the pipeline:

  1. Build a pipeline job with circleci
  2. Run/Build Linting, Testing and run Hadolint test to backend applictaion
  3. Build Backed and deploy to docker repository
  4. Authenticate and Deploy aws eks cluster with nodesGroup using eksctl Some few checks/validations along the way
  5. Deploy services and pod to kubernetes ~ few checks/validation for update pods update
  6. API Health and Deployment Validation


Project Scopes

  • Creating Backend – using node.js express cd backend folder
  • Creating frontend – using react.js cd frontend folder
  • Creating pipeline – using CircleCi cd folder
  • Creating deploy – using AWS eks
  • Creating monitory – using prometheus server and grafana
Pipeline Tools/Requirements
Rank Languages
1 Github
2 Docker

You can check image-capstone directory for review of my pipeline result

Running the application locally

  1. Install Node version 15 upward
  2. Clone Repo
  3. Create database from mongo atlas and save url in .env file as specified in sample.env
  4. cd into backend directory cd backend
  5. Create .env file and update content with sample.env
  6. Install Packages npm install
  7. Run Command npm run dev
  8. Test api status localhost:8080
  9. Result with status code 200 is fine:

    msg: 'Updated: Connection successfully',
    msg_location: 'CircleCi Pipeline',
    status: 'ok',
    node_env: development,
    version: `v-local`,
    statusCode: 200,

please stay tune and follow more update.

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