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Much more than feature flags for B2B.

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Enrolla is released under the MIT License

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⭐️ Why Enrolla?

Managing customer configurations takes much work. At first, it seems like just creating another SQL database, but in reality, it’s just the beginning.

You need to define different pricing tiers for different customers, but some important ones require extra customization. You need to store lots of different values for them – throttling configurations, secrets, and just plain JSONs. And you need to be able to access these configurations across your system – with 0 latency. You need this data synchronized across many systems – CRMs, authentication services, billing systems, and even sometimes your Databases.
Enrolla’s goal is to simplify customer configuration management and provide developers with the tools to focus on delivering best-in-class products – while providing the needed flexibility for the rest of the company.


  • 🔐 Easily manage customer API Tokens and other secrets
  • 🛂 Easily management entitlements and other customer configurations
  • 🧩 Integrations with authentication services
  • 📦 Built-in backoffice for non engineers
  • 👩‍💻 Community driven

Coming soon:

  • 😎 Headless UI templates for providing needed knobs for your customers
  • Python and Go SDKs
  • 🧩 Integrations with CRMs and billing systems

🌱 Contributing

Whether it’s big or small, we love contributions ❤️ Check out our guide to see how to get started.

Not sure where to get started? You can:

💚 Community & Support

  • Slack (For live discussion with the community and the Enrolla team)
  • GitHub Discussions (For help with building and deeper conversations about features)
  • GitHub Issues (For any bugs and errors you encounter using Enrolla)
  • Twitter (Get news fast)
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