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WordPress: 10 Free Themes you Can Really Use!


Sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) than you think. WordPress Theme Development companies do offer some of their themes for free to build their reputation (and increase their premium sales of course).

Here’s a collection of Free Themes for WordPress that you just can’t miss. From portfolio websites to furniture sales, from business to personal brochures, you’ve got a wide choice. Download for free, install, set up quickly and go live with $0…

Following themes are completely free of charge, as well as documentation and support. When you encounter the term “Lite” or “Light”, it might be a freemium model i.e. the theme is free but if you upgrade to premium you can get extra features.

Enjoy, and if you can leave a comment below 🙂

GRIMM lite – Demo


PetInn – Demo


Spellolite – Demo


Furnicom – Demo


Mia Ittalloni – Demo


Jen + Ben – Demo


Calio – Demo


Monstroid 2 Lite – Demo


Bitunit Lite – Demo


Energico – Demo


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